Game Sessions #1 - 4

SESSION #1 (Feb 9th, 2009)

Our favorite half-elven Senator began hiring varying specialists for the purposes of investigating some kind of secret guild and magical plague, informed by a political co-worker of his. Two men dabbling in black market areas almost crossed paths noticing a late night burglary; our Dwarven bounty hunter and a human-like arcane sneak. The Dwarf was able to follow the failed thieves back to their hideout. Our arcane sneak tried to resume his normal daily life after his failed mission, but has found a odd bloody note claiming some sort of personal knowledge against him and his associates. Eventually, the Senator, the Bounty Hunter, and the Arcane Sneak find themselves together due to mutual employment. However, a brute squad is needed. At the Gymnasium, the trio find a big but broken-hearted man. Another chance at personal meaning and civil servitude, the half-giant ex-wrestler takes on his most recent assignment as a bodyguard and burly warrior. Together, the four trace their way back to the thieves guild and begin trying to unravel this situation for what it truly is. So far, trick doors, sick men, and a dark elf are what they have encountered. What will be next on their mission?

- by end, still 5th level

- about 4 hours of play time

- players present: Bobby, Kayne, Joel, Mike, Alex, Bill

SESSION #2 (Mar 4th?, 2009)

Not long after entering the thieves guild, our adventurers realize they are out-manned and flee. And, in doing so, meet a bedraguiled and smelly halfling man with a noteworthy dagger made of some kind of magical gemstone. Our arcane sneak also begins having problems with his dropbox and dance students- attributable to a mystery man who seems to be after him and his group. Another situation presents itself as the adventurers discover a young man who is wrongfully (he says) accused of murder. The Dwarven Bounty Hunter also hears the Barrister Victor Kahn mentioning that evidence that would help the case would be financially compensated for. The adventurers have some ghostly but very evidenticially helpful investigations on the docks. As they begin to leave, they see a man in a small rowboat- just as a seven headed cryo-hydra attacks them. They barely scrape though and briefly morn the lose of the new stranger’s spider companion. Just then, the smelly halfling preceives a spontaneous message in his mind somehow and crypticly reminds our Senator leader that he is more valuable than a spider web. Some discussion reveals that the halfling can lead the others to one of the magical fonts undergrounds and that investiagting this might be worthwhile. Magical font, the unfinished theives guild and robbery, the legal fate of ppor Allister and the Barrister Victor Kahn, and this pernicious stranegr who hampers the arcane sneak and his friends. What will the party do next?

- by end, 6th level

- about 5 hours of play

- players present: Bobby, Joel (partly), Mike, Alex, Bill, Chris

mini-SESSION #3 (Mar 7th, 2009)

The arcane sneak and his arachnid-focused friend try to investigate this stranger. More disruption and sabotage note his activities. The arcane sneak tries to challenge him to honor combat, but the stranger refuses his terms and an impromtu battle ensues. Getting the jump on the arcane sneak, the stranger draws two pistols and swiftly brings our arcane sneak to almost unconsciousness. Then spiderman steps in and the rooftop battle becomes a trio, 2vs1. Some intense shooting, falling, hiding, and running occur. Eventually, with the help of some magical boots, the stranger is able to escape and everyone is alive- currently. Arcane sneak and Spiderman rty to spend the next couple of days tracking down this stranger, but magical means prove unhelpful without some initial locations to go from. Spiderman, back at his small grotto shared with his vermin master and a couple of others, begins to reconsider his alliegances. Who’s in control, who’s taking orders, who’s free to act, and who’s restrained? Just what are each of these two men really after?

- by the end, still 6th level

- about 4 hours of play

- players present: Bobby, Mike, Alex

SESSION #4 (Mar 21st, 2009)

According to the a few Mage’s Guilds and the Royal Academy of Magics, weave fluxuations in the area have been increasing. What’s causing this and what are the long-term effects? After the Senate convenes on the matter, two explorations parties are dispatched; one lead by our half-High Elf Senator Braithe and his contacts. The other, a fellow Half-Elf Senator also studied in Harmonics by the name of Zalen. To their own separate accords, they head underground to investigate the magical font. First, they encounter a small band of trolls and make short work of them. Later, in an old temple re-installed as a descrated area, a barrage of varying undead, including flaming skulls, skeleton mages, and some wight-like creatures squared off against our heroes. In the midst of battle, from inside of each of them springs forth new and fantastic energy and insight. Tjough tooth and nail, our heroes emerge alive. What brought all those undead there? Just how far ahead (or behind) is Zalen’s party? Does anyone else know the party is to be underground for a few weeks? And how far down is this magical font?

- by the end, 7th level

- about 5 hours of play

- players present: Bobby, Joel, Mike, Bill, Chris, Alex

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